Deconstructing Thunderstorm Pre-performance Talk and Performance – Open for Applications Now

May 19, 2022

Exploring the Theatre : Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students

2022/23 Deconstructing Thunderstorm Pre-performance Talk and Performance

29-30/9/2022 11am & 3pm
Cultural Activities Hall, Tuen Mun Town Hall
In Cantonese with pre-performance talk

Programme Content

The story revolves around the three decades of love and hatred between the families of Zhou and Lu. When Zhou Puyuan was young, he fell in love with Mei Shiping, his servant girl, and gave birth to their eldest son Zhou Ping and second son Lu Dahai. The Zhou family put pressure on Zhou Puyuan and Zhou Puyuan married Fan Yi from a family of a social rank comparable to that of the Zhou family.  Meanwhile, Shiping was expelled from the Zhou family and forced to separate from her eldest son. In despair, she tried to drown herself holding her newborn second son, but they were saved fortunately. After that, Shiping married another servant Lu Gui, gave birth to a daughter Lu Sifeng, and changed her name to Lu Shiping and her second son’s name to Lu Dahai.

Zhou Puyuan and Fan Yi gave birth to their sons Zhou Chong. Lu Sifeng and Lu Dahai later served as servants in the Zhou family.  Fan Yi could not bear to be lonely and had an affair with Zhou Puyuan’s eldest son, Zhou Ping. Soon, Zhou Ping fell in love with the servant girl Lu Sifeng. In order to dismiss Sifeng, jealous Fan Yi called for Shiping. On the night of a thunderstorm, a conflict broke out and the secrets of the life of each of them were revealed: Zhou Ping and Sifeng were half brothers and sisters, whilst Zhou Ping had had incest with Fan Yi.

In the end, Sifeng could not bear the blow and ran out to the garden. In order to save her, Zhou Chong got electrocuted and both of them died. Zhou Ping shot herself in his study room. Lu Dahai disappeared, Lu Shiping became dumb, Fan Yi turned crazy, and Zhou Puyuan was deeply condemned by his soul.

The programe dedicates to bring innovative experience to audience through the use of music, lighting and body movements.

Target: S.4 – S.6 students
Ticket price: $60 (Students, Teachers)
*Tickets at $10 are available for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients on a first-come-first-served basis.
(Application via Art Connect: Arts and Culture Platform for Hong Kong Schools)

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Performance Details:

2784 7938 (Programme/Alice Theatre Laboratory)
2591 1728 (Enrolment/LCSD)