The Visit
A Director Work of Andrew Chan

The Visit depicts a home-coming story of a lady billionaire who claims to donate hundreds of millions of money to make her poverty-stricken home town shine again on one shocking condition, which leads the citizens and audience to reveal the dark side of human nature on the way to her plan of revenge.

Stage rights by Diogenes Verlag AG Zürich

Project on Exploring the Expressionist Theatre Expressionist

A Dream Play

A Director Work of Andrew Chan

A Dream Play tells the story about the daughter of Indra, the king of the highest heaven in Hinduism. She visits the human world in search of the truth of life. During her earthly existence, she experiences the pains and miseries of human life. They cannot but hurt one another for survival. With a strong overtone of Zen, the story expresses Buddha’s mercy for human beings. Strindberg presents her earthly lives as a series of dreams.

Seven Boxes Possessed of Kafka

A Director Work of Andrew Chan

Inspired by Kafka’s works, entitled Seven Boxes Possessed of Kafka, in a bid to explore Kafka’s philosophy and cultivate a more philosophical culture. Seven Boxes possessed of Kafka gathers a full range of Kafka’s creative ideas and he is outlined 3-dimentionally through Devising Theatre with the help of multi-media technology and experimental music. Kafka’s stories are strongly dramatic. He was able to visualise the abstract philosophical concepts with his story-telling skills. His highly symbolic fables reflect the truth of being alive and arouse the readers to delve into serious topics in Existentialism. Kafka left behind seven boxes full of his literature legacy. In his will, he entrusted the task of destroying all his works to his closest friend Max Brod. In front of these seven boxes, what should he do? Would he desert his life-long friend Kafka and unleash the treasure of literature?

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The characters split, double, multiply, vanish, solidify, blur, clarify. But one consciousness reigns above them ail-that of the dreamer; and before it there are no secrets, no incongruities, no scruples, no laws, There is neither judg-ment nor exoneration, but merely narration.

- A Dream Play by August Strindberg

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