1001 Nights of Pasolini

A Director Work of Andrew Chan

真正的殘酷來自事物本身,是生活的本質使人恐怖。── 巴索里尼

10-12/6/2010 8pm
12-13/6/2010 3pm

Black Box Theatre, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

Playwright Pier Paolo Pasolini/Devised by Alice Theatre Laboratory
Director CHAN Hang-fai Andrew
Co-Producers CHAN Shui-yu, WONG Wing-man
Set & Costume Designer SIU Wai-man
Lighting Designer Micro CHENG
Composer & Sound Designer PANG Chun-kit
Video Designer Reeve TANG
Graphic Designer k. CHIANG
Hairstyling & Styling Designer Charlie Luciano@Salon Go Ahead
Stage Manager & Deputy Stage Manager LAI Sai-yau
Assistant Stage Manager 容啟昌
Stage Crew 林仁健
Ticketing 羅潔瑩
Performers CHAN Shui-yu, WONG Yee-man, HUI Wing-sum, FONG Ho-yin, KAN Lap-keung, LAI Ho-yin, LAW Chung-kin, LEUNG Chi-chung Eric

This programme is supported by Jockey Club Venue Subsidy Scheme

指定髮型監督:Salon Go Ahead
Photography:Cheung Chi Wai(Moon 9 Image)


Message from Director

Be it the premiere or rerun
When I was home after rehearsal at the end of the day
This song rang out in my mind
Play it a few times
Before bed time

British singer Bill Fay’s song

Pictures Of Adolf Again

In the papers, on the TV screens
Pictures of Adolf again
As sure as I sit here, there will appear
Pictures of Adolf again

You’re wrong, you’re wrong
Throw down your cards
You’re wrong, you’re wrong
If you say “Adolf, he won’t come”

OK, deny representation
By leaders of all nations
But have you guards, have you really got
Anyone to replace them?

You’re wrong, you’re wrong
Throw down your cards
You’re wrong, you’re wrong
OK then, who’s going to come?

Christ or Hitler, Christ or Vorster
Christ or all the Caesar’s to come

That’s a choice, that’s a choice
Sooner or later
That’s a choice, that’s a choice
That you’re all going to have to make