11th Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival 2015

Endgame (Shanghai performance)

A Director Work of Andrew Chan

13-14/11/2015 7:30pm
15/11/2015 2pm

D6 Space Leisure Suite, Drama Mansion, Shanghai

In Cantonese

承蒙 The Estate of Samuel Beckett 授權翻譯及演出

Playwright Samuel Beckett
Director CHAN Hang-fai Andrew
Translation WONG Wing-man
Co-Producers CHAN Shui-yu, WONG Wing-man
Deputy Producer IP Man-yan
Assistant Producer/Surtitle TSE Man-chun
Set & Costume Designer MO Ka-man
Lighting Designer Micro CHENG
Composer & Sound Designer PANG Chun-kit
Deputy Sound Designer CHAN Wing-kit
Make-up CHENG Lin-fa
Project Coordinator YIP Yuet-yung
Graphic Designer Terrenz CHANG
Stage Manager CHONG Hiu-ting
Make-up CHENG Lin-fa
Deputy Stage Manager CHAN Ka-yee
Technical Coordinator LUO Qian
Assistant Stage Manager LIU Pui-lam
Performers PAK Yiu-charn, LEUNG Chi-chung Eric, KAN Lap-keung, CHAN Shui-yu

*The Arts Administration Internship Scheme supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council