One Hundred Years of Solitude

A Director Work of Andrew Chan

24-25/6/2011 8pm
25-26/6/2011 3pm

Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

In Cantonese


Playwright CHAN Hang-fai Andrew / Devised by Alice Theatre Laboratory
Director CHAN Hang-fai Andrew
Producers CHAN Shui-yu, WONG Wing-man
Set & Costume Designer MO Ka-man
Lighting Designer Micro CHENG
Composer & Sound Designer PANG Chun-kit
Video Designer Reeve Tang
Graphic Designer Terrenz CHANG
Hairstyling Director Charlie Luciano@Salon Go Ahead
Stage Manager CHONG Hiu-ting
Deputy Stage Manager CHAN Ka-yee
Ticketing LAW Kit-ying
Performers Chan Shui-yu, CHAU Ka-fai, Kan Lap-keung, Desmond Lai Ho-yin, LEUNG Chi-chung Eric, WONG Yee-mun, IP Man-chong, LAM Hung-yi, Mung Kit

Message from Director

Where would you and me be 100 years later?
We must meet again somewhere.
It doesn’t really matter where it is.
I believe we would cherish the bond between us more by then than 100 years ago.
When the day come, let’s have a picture taken together!

Many years later, I discovered that there was a personal motive behind directing One Hundred Years of Solitude .

Dedicated to the me of 2004, who grew up over night.

CHAN Hang-fai Andrew