Seven Boxes Possessed of Kafka

A Director Work of Andrew Chan

17-20/9/2008 8pm
20/9/2008 3pm

Fringe Dairy, Fringe Club


Playwright Franz Kafka / Devised by Alice Theatre Laboratory
Director CHAN Hang-fai Andrew
Producer WONG Wing-man
Coordinator CHAN Shui-yu
Stage Manager/Deputy Stage Manager LAU Sai-yau
Set & Costume Designer SHIU Wai-man
Lighting Designer Micro CHENG, MAK Chi-wing
Video Designer TANG Chun-au, PAW Chi-cheong
Graphic Designer K. Chiang
Hairstyling Director Salon Go Ahead (Charlie Luciano)
Ticketing LEE Shuk-kwan
Assistant Stage Manager JIM Man-lung
Performers CHAN Shui-yu, FONG Ho-yin, KAN Lap-keung, Desmond LAI Ho-yin, WONG Yee-mun, AU Pui-ying, LEUNG Chi-chung Eric
Recitalist of Kafka’s letters Dr. LO Wai-luk

Photography: FUNG Wai-sun

Message from Director

Box 3 The Box of Animals (Part 1)

This is my burrow
This is my home
I live here all my life
With the gift of making tunnels underground
I am only a parasite instead of pioneer

This is my burrow
This is my home
I lives here all my life
I moves to and fro underground as a penalty
I am afraid of my enemies but I am hungry

What annoys me is
The noises, I am afraid
I look for the sources of those noises
It takes me most of my life to keep the earth tranquil
Yet, I am gentle
I am also patient

This is my burrow
This is my home
I will live all my life here
God makes my life a joke – I work hard all my life
with one enemy short
Perhaps, my enemy is building his kingdom in another space
Perhaps, we have passed by each other in my burrow

This is my burrow
This is my home
I live here all my life
My castle could be too strong…

This is a burrow that I have spent 2000 years of solitude to construct.

Text inspired by Kafka’s The Burrow