The Lesson and Mountain Language

A Director Work of Andrew Chan

30/1/2008 – 2/2/2008 8pm
2/2/2008 3pm

Fringe Dairy, Fringe Club

In Cantonese

Playwright Eugène Ionesco, Harold Pinter
Director CHAN Hang-fai Andrew
Translator/Performer CHAN Shui-yu
Translator/Producer WONG Wing-man
Special Appearance Dr LO Wai-luk
Stage Manager/Deputy Stage Manager LAU Sai-yau
Set & Costume Designer SHIU Wai-man
Hairstyling Director Salon Go Ahead
Lighting Designer MAK Chi-wing, Micro CHENG
Composer & Sound Designer MA Wing-ling
Graphic Designer K. Chiang
Ticketing LEE Shuk-kwan
Assistant Stage Manager YUNG Kai-cheong
Performers CHAN Shui-yu, LEE Kit-chi, CHIU Kin-tong, FONG Ho-yin, KAN Lap-keung, WONG Yee-mun, LEUNG Chi-chung Eric

Presented by: Alice Theatre Labortory
Funded by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Venue Sponsor: The Commercial Press
Acknowledgement: Fringe Club, HK TICKETING

Message from Director

The music of Mountain Language

Mountain gave me the image of Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God. Therefore I used Wir wissen von der Not and Eine andere Welt by Popol Vuh (a Krautrock band that worked closely with Werner Herzog) for the background music of the opening of the play and dialogue voice over between the mother and son. Since the voice over episode in Scene 3 “Voice in the Darkness” made me visualize Godard’s movies, I used Theme de Camille from Contempt on purpose. Thanks to Georges Delerue, the music is full and rich.


The music of The Lesson

The music used is from Fellini’s films Toby Dammit and IL Casanova. Having been fascinated about these three pieces of music for more than 10 years, I could not help thinking about them during play reading… and them – the two old partners, Fellini and Nino Rota.

Show Highlights