The Tempest

A Director Work of Andrew Chan

30th Hong Kong Drama Awards

Best Costume Design
Best Makeup and Image Design

“Hell is empty, and all devils are here” —William Shakespeare

Stranded on a deserted island, Prospera, Duchess of Milan, is longing for the day when her enemies are brought in front of her face to face. Here comes the chance. The vessel carrying Duke Antonio and King Alonso, who overthrew her Dukedom, is passing by the island. She raises a tempest with her mighty sorcery and leads them to the territory where her plan of performing justice will unfold.


11 / 2020

The Tempest (Première)

Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre
12 / 2020

Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre Online Platform
The Tempest

Online streaming
10 - 12 / 2021

Cinematic Exhibition of Andrew Chan’s Theatre Works
The Tempest

K11 Art House Film screening
12 / 2021

Tokyo Crossing Performing Arts Festival 2021

Tokyo Cine Center screening

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